We are excited to announce the development of our market leading Healthy Minds programme.


Healthy Minds - the market-leading programme to support apprentices and graduates as they start out on their careers. Designed to build resilience and mental health this practical programme is designed to complement both apprenticeship and graduate programmes.

If you are a training provider or a company employing graduates or apprentices via early career programme Healthy Minds will add value to how you provide support during their learning journey. Healthy minds support apprentices and graduates to develop their wellbeing and mental health through fun learning, interactive support tools and expert advice whenever or wherever they need it.

Health Minds is fully aligned to apprenticeship standards.

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Healthy Minds
for Early Careers.


This Programme designed for businesses will guide your apprentices or graduates through the journey of building resilience and strong mental health as they move into the world of work. Participants will complete a fun and engaging mental health driving licence that will help them to understand themselves better and build a personal toolkit to help them through their career. 

They will also be able to develop a personal dashboard to measure their progress to great resilience and as an employer you will be able to build a picture of the health and wellbeing of their early career workforce.




Healthy Minds
for Students.


If you are a college or university student, this programme will help you deal with the challenges your course may bring. It will help you build resilience and positive mental health. Giving access to a range of resources and expertise, Healthy Minds will be the perfect companion throughout your studies.

Our Healthy Minds driving licence will bring to life all aspects of wellbeing and resilience in a fun way and allow you to measure their progress to great mental health.